Corrie and Jenny is close friend. They live neighborly, and they had already as siblings in general. In essence whatever they do always both done. Corrie and Jenny had two different characters. Corrie have character which was really feminist while Jenny have characters more to the nature of man. Although they have different characters but they still feel comfortable each other and they are mutually need each other.

Parents of Jenny already divorced several years ago. Jenny feel not have a sense of affection a mother, therefore since met with Corrie, Jenny feel comfortable and feel a distinct flavor to the Corrie, jenny feel a sense of taste sweetheart and the love guven Corrie to her is very different than in other people who do like that also her. Until a moment, Jenny convinced his heart that he sensed a corrie taste to not because friend, fixed taste lover dear to Corrie heart but she continuously convince it even though its flavor to Corrie of the same sex to her. And one year Jenny hide the feeling, finally she also claimed to be hinerst that she really loved and very love Corrie not as a friend but as a lover. The beginning of notice Jenny to Corrie, Corrie is very shocked, standing over Jenny lover, and that means Jenny is lesbian. Corrie increasingly away from Jenny, but Jenny still pursue Corrie to receive her heart and they will be a pair of lover. Fixed months , Jenny chasing and tried to approach Corrie back, and finally Corrie felt differently in the presence of Jenny for her life. Corrie felt , she was very comfortable with Jenny, Corrie felt je was protevted if Jenny is very near. Finally Corrie also said agreeing to relationship with Jenny. Jenny is very happy.

Five years passed, Corrie and Jenny stay be a pair of lover lesbian. Although they often experienced a problem but they stay in relatiobship. And has five this year , they also settled in Netherlands. They moved from their parents by reason of get a job and to live on their own. Corrie parents and father of Jenny didn’t know of special relationship between Corrie and Jenny. Corrie and Jenny reason go to holland in addition to looking for work they will also carry out their marriage without they parent know, because they are sure even if in their own country formely to allowed same-sex married, but they didn’t want they famillies they’il know it. Finally Corrie and Jenny married in a church in Netherlands. Corrie and Jenny very happy, although they were thought to not normal for doing their same-sex marriage, but own love and affection among those who encouraged them each other.


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